Stay Hotel Waikiki A Choice Destination

Ask any beach lover about his dream beach destination and he will tell you it is Waikiki Beach in the island of Oahu in Hawaii. This beach has remained faithful in providing the best environment that nature can offer coupled with the best structures that mankind can build including numerous clubs, restaurants and accommodation such as the Stay Hotel Waikiki Hotel.

Stay Hotel Waikiki
Stay Hotel Waikiki

There are many ways to reach the island including a cruise ship and the easiest way to reach Hawaii by now through the Honolulu International Airport. Direct flights from Asia, Australia, Canada and the mainland United States are available at various days and hours making the island easily accessible to tourists who want to experience the Hawaiian hospitality.

Stay Hotel Waikiki Accommodation

Waikiki may be a world-famous beach but you will be surprised to find affordable hotels like Stay Hotel Waikiki Hawaii.It does not only boast of a strategic location a block away from the beach but also of a chic architectural and interior design that allows its guest to experience comfort at its best.

The hotel offers the best deal for your money with affordable yet high quality accommodations. There are various room types to choose from including the Standard Queen Rooms, Deluxe Queen Rooms, Twin rooms and Bunk Bed rooms. Each of these non-smoking rooms provides the business or leisure traveler a choice depending on his needs and budget.

For the best value that money can offer, check out the Bunk Bed rooms, which feature one bunk bed in a 102-square feet space. The room gives you a view of the city, with a flat-screen television and wireless internet. This affordable room comes with a bathtub and other basic amenities.

The Twin room, which is good for two adults, provides more space as it measures 170 square feet. It also offers a view of the city and comes with wifi and a television set. Soak in the bathtub or take a long and leisurely shower before you explore the island.

The Boutique Queen room occupies a 120-square feet space with a queen bed, while the Deluxe Queen occupies a 230-square feet space and comes with a queen bed and a sofa bed and is ideal for a maximum of four adults. Both rooms have wireless internet, bathtub and other basic amenities.

Experience the exotic dishes of Hawaii at Stay Hotel Waikiki?s Sway Bar and Restaurant which serves an Asian-American cuisine. Fill up with Sway restaurant?s sambal, Chinese black beans, braised riblets, daikon spicy kimchi, apple wood smoked bacon and kalbi tacos. Don?t get dizzy when they make you choose from the 27 beer selections.

Stay Hotel Hawaii Attractions

Aside from the Waikiki Beach, Stay Hawaii is just a stone?s throw away from various attractions. While the Kalakaua Avenue is a magnet for adventure-seekers, there are other interesting destinations like the Waikiki Aquarium and the Honolulu Zoo.

The best place to be after the sun sets is at the Waikiki Beach. By then, you have learned enough surfing techniques to last you a lifetime. Now its time to enjoy island entertainment or see our website now, http://www.stayhotelwaikiki.net.