Why Volunteer Work is So Rewarding!

“Be of service. Whether you make yourself available to a friend or co-worker, or you make time every month to do volunteer work, there is nothing that harvests more of a feeling of empowerment than being of service to someone in need.” That quote from Gillian Anderson is unique because it rings true for everyone in the world. Helping others through teaching overseas is a rewarding experience, but it also does so much more too!

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Volunteering helps you grow as a person.

 There are people who avoid entertaining the idea of doing volunteer work simply because they don’t see how it could benefit them to do something they won’t get paid for. Yes, you won’t get paid in money. Instead, you get paid in so many other ways that are just as, if not more, important than money.

Teaching at child care orphanages in third world countries, for example, means you are helping them learn important facts they will find useful as they grow, and which they might never otherwise have learned. As a person who volunteers, you offer the unique experiences you have gone through that no one else has, and from which these children can learn. You are growing as a person, sharing what you have learned, even as you help them grown and learn.

Volunteering helps you learn ideas and go through experiences you might never have otherwise.

Teaching overseas isn’t just a one-sided task. Yes, your priority will be to teach people the English  language, science, math, or whatever your particular skill is, but while you’re teaching, you will be gaining new perspectives, meeting new people, maybe even learn a new language from the locals yourself!

You can develop skills or discover talents you never knew you had, too! There are also plenty of people who have found their true calling or passion in life while doing volunteer work. This is because you will be volunteering in a variety of conditions and will get to meet people from all walks of life who can open you to experiences and opportunities you never would have known existed.

At volunteer orphanages and schools you can really see people who haven’t had the advantages you’ve had struggle to make do with the little they have. It will make you see just how privileged you were and you will want to help people learn as much as they can even as you get a clearer and more grateful perspective on your own life.

Even if you’re volunteering only once and don’t plan to do so again, the work will still benefit you in terms of career options and professional contacts, especially since volunteer work always looks impressive on a resume. And the skills you acquired at volunteer orphanages and schools will always come in handy, such as time management, organization, and handling people from all areas of life.

If you’re stuck at a career rut, have just gone through something painful, or are simply wondering what to do next with your life, the best thing you can probably do is consider teaching overseas and other volunteer work. Helping others will also help yourself, and you and the whole world will be better off from it.

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One stop enquiry for Singapore Grand Prix Packages

There is nothing like enjoying the Singapore Grand Prix at night. The event is now close to attracting millions of fans and tourists alike. To be held from the 18 to 20 September 2015, the grand event is already creating a big buzz. Fans have already started to book tickets and hotels in advance to get the best views and rates. If you are still looking for the Singapore grand prix packages, then the best way is to log on to the Internet and get the best deals from the travel partner for the event. Also, there are many packages available for other great sporting events.

Why book tickets and accommodation together?

The advantage of booking with one travel agency is not only the accommodation and tickets. But there are other things that come with the package. For instance, in the case of Singapore grand prix packages one can get some really good deals such as:

The details of the event and where they are held:

·         The Singapore Grand Prix will be held at the Marina Bay Street Circuit. Since the event is held at night – the one of its kind, the gates will open at 4 pm. Many people get their seats a few minutes (maybe 15 minutes) before the races begin.

·         The tickets and accommodation need to be purchased together. They are a part of a deal that cannot be negotiated. There are no concessional rates for children. The race does not encourage fans to bring their children under the age of 7 to the event.

·         There are other packages that deal with corporate hospitality. One needs to enquire with the agent for it.

·         Tickets purchased will have good seats to help fans to view the race from a vantage point.

·         Accommodation will be allocated in many hotels as many fans are already doing the bookings. There is a minimum 3 –night package. Extensions also are available on request.

·         There is no venue pick up or transfer. Most hotels are near the stadium and within walking distance. The flights are not included with the package. All the documentation will be done and nearly two weeks before the event, the guests will get all the details in the mail.

·         Bookings can be done via phone or on email. Payment can be made via credit card. Travel insurance is recommended for every visitor. Visitors should get earplugs as the engines roar very loudly.

Packages for all other events

Most Singapore grand prix packages work in a similar manner. If you continue to choose the same operator and make bookings for tickets and hotels you can get good deals for the Hong Kong 7s packages, Melbourne cup package and Australian open packages also. Make all the bookings online for these events and enjoy the sport and adventure that comes with it. There is nothing like having good memories with lots of photos and videos to show off to friends. If you are lucky, you can also get some autographs for keepsake.

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Sand & Sun, Thrill & Fun – Welcome to Thailand

The deep blue seas and oceans have long fascinated mankind, its unpredictability has tested the strength of many. Continents and countries were discovered simply because man was curious to know what’s on the side of this big body of water. Similarly, what lies beneath the ocean was also a carrot for the curious. Diving was born of this curiosity. Across the planet, there are some amazing locations for diving but you will find the best scuba diving in Thailand.


 The country is ideally located for some of the most amazing species of aqua marine life that you could ever get to see. The northern islands of Thailand like, Koh Bon, Koh Tachai, the Richelieu Rock and the Surin Islands are simply paradise. You get to swim in the pelagic zone of the sea, which is basically waters that are far from the shore and far from the bottom of the sea. There are some amazing species to be found here. The Richelieu Rock is known for the Manta Ray and the Whale shark and this is just to name a few.


The Similan islands of Thailand are a diver’s paradise. If the wonders hidden in the deep blue waters were not enough, here you have pristine beaches with a backdrop of majestic mountain jungles trimmed with beautiful coconut trees and even rocky bays fringed with coral. Really, what more can one ask for? If deep water diving is not your “thing” the here you have the option of shallow water diving which in no less spectacular. The gorgeous blue waters afford some of the best scuba diving in Thailand.

Thailand is a beautiful country. The people are friendly and amazingly courteous. Their geographical location on the planet has given them many advantages over other countries. The kind of marine life you will see here is different. The gulf ofThailand boasts of some of the best scuba diving inThailand. The warm tropical waters attract tourists and diving enthusiasts by the truckload. You can see some of the most beautiful coral reefs here like the East of Eden and Anita’s Reef in the Similan Islands that are home to a wide variety of marine life like clownfish, spotted garden eels, the temperamental and very territorial Trigger fish, stingrays and many more, besides the beautiful pinkish-white purple and blue coral of course.

Then you have the Koh Ma and Mae Had Reefs. Together, located off the Thai island of Koh Phangan, these two areas create the largest reef in the region. Being close to the shore, this fringing reef is ideal for snorkeling and beach diving. The jagged rocks and sharp corals stick out of the water, as, at its deepest point, the reef is only about 20 feet down. Divers need to be cautious here. The marine life again consists of clownfish, rabbit fish, grouper, stingray and seahorses.

So if diving in warm tropical water with some of the most beautiful marine life and some of the most gorgeous coral reefs known to mankind is your idea of a vacation then head to Thailand. With its visa on arrival policy, reasonable prices and a decent exchange rate, your holiday could not get any easier.

Happy Thailand-ing!